A centre for study and philanthropy

The philanthropic traditions of the Rothschild family are long-standing and distinguished.  Central to them is on-going support for Waddesdon Manor and the preservation, improvement and development of the place and its collections for the benefit of the public.

The new building at Windmill Hill has been conceived with the same purposes in mind.  It is located at the heart of the Waddesdon Estate and houses the Manor, Estate and Family Archives.  The personal papers of the Rothschilds who have been responsible for Waddesdon are held here, and reflect their varied interests, including those inIsraelandPalestine.  Windmill Hill is open to the public and will be a centre for study, research and collaboration.  The building has been awarded a prestigious regional prize by the Royal Institute of British Architects. 

It is also the home of the Rothschild Foundation, the focal point for Lord Rothschild’s philanthropic interests, which provides grants to charitable initiatives across a range of sectors, including local community initiatives in the Vale of Aylesbury. 

Windmill Hill Open Afternoons
Windmill Hill is our research and archive centre and home for the philanthropic work of the Rothschild Foundation.  It is ten minutes from the Manor by car and about 20 minutes walk from the car park.

You can explore the exterior of the building at any time and can see the contemporary art inside Windmill Hill most Wednesday afternoons, 2-4pm from 30 March to 19 October 2016.  Note:  Windmill Hill is closed for a private event on Wed 11 May. Please check by calling 01296 653226 before you make a special trip.  No booking required.

Before your visit download our map on how to find Windmill Hill Archive


Archives of the Manor, Estate and Rothschild family

Art and Architecture

Windmill Hill: a place for contemporary art and architecture