Each year Waddesdon mounts several exhibitions. Subjects and themes of the exhibitions can be related to a theme celebrated across the collection or might issue from research and cataloguing projects and new acquisitions. As most of the exhibitions do not have a printed catalogue, the texts, labels and, in many cases, images of the exhibits are archived here. Below is a list of exhibitions in previous years, arranged chronologically. 

2014 Fame and Friendship

Pope, Roubiliac and the Portrait Bust

2014 Royal Spectacle

Ceremonial and Festivities at the French Court

2014 Rascal Shadows

Contemporary Art at Waddesdon

2013 Sacred Stitches

Ecclesiastical Textiles in the Rothschild Collection at Waddesdon Manor

2014 Russian Connections

A Trail of Objects with Russian Associations

2014 Art in the Gardens

Contemporary Art by Julius Popp and Philippa Lawrence

2013 Bruce Munro: Cantus Arcticus

Contemporary at Waddesdon


2013 Philippa Lawrence

Contemporary at Waddesdon


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2013 Fantasy From The Fire

Sixteenth-century Maiolica in the Waddesdon Collection

Image alt text

2013 Managing the Land: Aesthetics and Productivity

Managing the Land: Aesthetics and Productivity

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2012 Taking Time

Chardin's Boy building a House of Cards and other paintings

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2012 Playing, learning, flirting

Printed Board Games from 18th Century France


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2012 Edmund de Waal

Contemporary at Waddesdon