Who would you like to contact at Waddesdon?

General Contact

Telephone: 01296 653203 or email: enquiries@waddesdon.org.uk

Booking Office & Visitor Information

Telephone 01296 653226, open Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays), 10am-4pm or email: bookings@waddesdon.org.uk

Group Bookings
Deborah Read, telephone: 01296 653226 or email: deborah.read@waddesdon.org.uk

Manor Restaurant
Telephone 01296 653242, Wed-Sun 10am-5pm

Comments & Feedback
Simon Wales, General Manager: email: simon.wales@waddesdon.org.uk

Events Administration

Mail Order Shop
Sheena Cox, telephone 01296 653292 Wed-Sun or email: onlineorders.waddesdon@nationaltrust.org.uk

Mail Order - Wine
Peter Tompkins, telephone: 01296 653261 Wed-Sun or email: onlineorders.waddesdon@nationaltrust.org.uk

Weddings at Waddesdon
Telephone 01296 653294 or email events@rothschildfoundation.org.uk

Five Arrows Hotel
Telephone 01296 651727 or email: five.arrows@nationaltrust.org.uk

Corporate Entertaining
Claire Holland, telephone: 01296 653216 or email: claire.holland@nationaltrust.org.uk

Jo Fells: telephone 01296 653240 or email: jo.fells@waddesdon.org.uk

Filming and Advertising
Suzy Barron, telephone 01296 653232 or email: suzy.barron@waddesdon.org.uk

Overseas and Tourism
Kim Hallett, telephone 01296 653240 or email: kim.hallett@nationaltrust.org.uk

Press & Public Relations
Vicky Darby, telephone 01296 653231 or email: vicky.darby@waddesdon.org.uk

Kathryn Hobbs, telephone 01296 653259 or email: kathryn.hobbs@waddesdon.org.uk

Collection Administration
Diane Bellis, telephone: 01296 653207 or email: diane.bellis@nationaltrust.org.uk

Garden Administration
Marian Friend, telephone: 01296 653325 or email: marian.friend@nationaltrust.org.uk

Waddesdon Estate Office
For enquiries about renting properties on the Estate.
Sue Parsons, Telephone: 01296 653 402 or email: sparsons@waddesdonestates.co.uk


Education & Learning Manager
Sarah Dewberry, telephone: 01296 653262 or email: sarah.dewberry@waddesdon.org.uk

Waddesdon Wine Company
Andrew Bartlett, telephone 01296 653255 or email: andrew.bartlett@nationaltrust.org.uk

Social Media
Laura Cottrell: telephone 01296 653248 or email laura.cottrell@nationaltrust.org.uk