Abandoned and fallen into disrepair during World War II, the Water Garden was rediscovered in 1989, nearly one hundred years after it was created.

Located at the Dairy, the Water Garden is designed as a series of small lakes interconnected by Pulham rock arches, waterfalls, cascades, bridges and paths.

Today, the structure of the garden remains the same and much of the original planting still survives.  You can see the huge philadelphus plants and many broadleaf trees.  This collection has been enriched with ferns, hellebores and many herbaceous plants including gunnera ('giant rhubarb') and clematis (C.Cirrhosa, C.Balaerica and C.Armandii).  A collection of water fowl swims on the beautiful lake.

Public access is available and it is also possible to visit the restored Water Garden as a pre-booked group.  For further information please call on 01296 653226 or see Groups