Booking information, Education and Group membership prices.

Booking Information

Primary School workshops are £3 per pupil plus entry.

Secondary School workshops are £5 per pupil plus entry.

Entry is free to those with Education Group Membership (EGM) and this entitles your whole school to free entry to any National Trust property for an entire year. We can arrange this for you - please contact us for more details. Entry fees for non-EGM holders are £3 per child and £6 per adult.


For further information or to make a booking please contact:
Sarah Dewberry, tel: 01296 653226 or email:


Our education room is available to use as part of a booked session and provides an area for lunches in inclement weather. An outside lunch area is available with tables and benches. Other facilities include our fabulous Woodland playground, coach parking and pre-bookable souvenir goody bags.