A few points that will be helpful to you when visiting us...

Visiting the House
Sharp-heeled shoes can cause damage to the historic floor coverings, and if you are wearing shoes with heels, you may be asked to wear alternative footwear whilst in the House. Alternative slip-on footwear will be provided free of charge at the House entrance.

In order to protect the fragile historic collection and the many smaller individual items on display, pushchairs or walking stools are not permitted within the House, and we request that babies are carried in a front sling or hip-carrying seat, available at the House entrance on a first-come, first-served basis.

Following a review of its photography policy by the National Trust, we are happy to confirm that visitors are welcome to take photographs in the House.

We would be very grateful, though, if you did not use flash, since much of our collection is  highly light-sensitive. You may therefore be asked to ensure that the flash option on your camera or phone is off before you come in.

Please can we request that you keep a reasonable distance from the objects within the house when taking photographs.

There may also be particular restrictions around objects on loan, as requested by the lender, but there will be notices to alert you if this is the case.

If you would like to take photographs for non-personal or commercial purposes, please contact the Collection Department in advance (please ask the House staff for details).

Mobile Phones
Please refrain from using mobile phones in the House where possible, in consideration of other visitors.

Large Bags, Food and Drink
To prevent accidental damage in the House we do not allow large bags, food or drink to be taken inside with you. These items can be left at the House entrance, and then will be waiting for you to collect as you leave the House.

Outdoor Events
Our outdoor events programme takes place whatever the weather, so don't forget to come prepared.

All tickets are non-refundable, this includes House entry, Gardens entry and Event tickets.

Room Closures
On occasion it may be necessary for us to close certain rooms in the House, or areas of the property, in particular the Wine Cellars.  We will endeavour to give advance notice of any room closures, and we apologise for any disappointment this may cause.

Any picnic hampers can be left at the North Fountain Staff Kiosk (at your own risk).  Our team will be happy to arrange this for you if you request this when disembarking from the bus.


Other than assistance dogs, we regret that we do not permit dogs within the main Gardens or House. You are welcome to park in the new car park and walk dogs within the surrounding adjacent area, but please note that we do not have any car parking spaces with overhead shade available.

Cycling Arrangements

Cyclists “riding through"
It is possible to cycle to the new visitor car park, arrange your gardens admission, and cycle up the entrance driveway to the main site. The main entrance gates will stay closed during the day, so once you have arranged your gardens admission, please press the intercom at the gates and access will be arranged. Alternatively, you can use the new temporary scaffold bridge adjecent to the gates.

Within the gardens, cycling is limited to the main entrance roadway which leads to the North Fountain, down to the Stables, the driveway to the exit gate, or along “Green Lane” back to the car park.

Small bicycles used by Under 5’s
We permit small bicycles used by Under 5’s within the main gardens. These can be carried onto the visitor shuttle buses. Please ensure that any Under 5’s stay on the main paths within the gardens. We suggest the paths in front of the House, around the Aviary and the Rose Garden are most suitable.

Please refrain from bringing any other bicycles onto the shuttle buses or into the main gardens areas at Waddesdon.